Tea has been my favorite drink for years and years, and my kids have happily adopted my morning habit (within reason). This ridiculously cute “Shirokuma” polar bear tea bag holder is going to make teatime just that much more enjoyable for everyone. Crafted in a part of Japan famed for having over 400 years of history in the porcelain industry, this “white bear” can fit atop a variety of mugs or cups (not included) and definitely makes those few minutes of waiting for the tea to steep a fun time for kids. It’s more than just cute though: the fishing polar bear actually holds the tea bag so that it doesn’t slip into the tea cup filled with hot liquid and tempt little fingers to try and retrieve it. The lid also acts as a small perch for snacks as well. Take a look at the process of creating these adorable polar bear tea cup toppers on designer Necktie’s website. The Shirokuma tea bag holders are currently sold out, but check Necktie’s Facebook page for updates on when these bears will be fishing for tea bags again.

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