We’ve reported on cell phone radiation, especially with regard to the dangers of childrens’ exposure to iPhones and iPads on multiple occasions over the past year. Most readers have admitted they think iPhone apps are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping tots entertained. But that doesn’t change the fact that studies show that kids’ brains absorb twice as much cell phone radiation as adult brains, and we’d be remiss not to take precautions or avoid letting children play with these devices full stop. Lucky for diehard fans, young and old, of the iPhone and iPad, there’s a new case on the market which drastically reduces a user’s exposure to cell phone radiation. Pong Research, Inc. is a new health technology company founded by a team of PhDs from Princeton, Harvard, UCLA and MIT, that offers the only solution proven in FCC-certified labs to protect consumers significantly (up to 95% below FCC limits) from wireless device radiation.

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As technology evolves, so must our understanding of its impact on us, especially when our health may be at risk. Since the World Health Organization has linked cell phones to cancer, it’s good to know that there are companies such as Pong who are coming up with solutions. Additionally, Pong reports that “concerns about radiation have led the FCC to mandate that Apple and other cellular device makers warn consumers not to put their cell phone directly against their head or body when using it. Unbeknownst to most consumers, these warnings can be found in all cellular device manuals.” That is downright disturbing.

Pong offers the only solution that has been proven to protect consumers from device radiation while not compromising the device’s performance.  As mentioned above, their cases reduce radiation exposure up to 95% below the targets set by the FCC and ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection). Each case features a patented antenna technology that redirects and redistributes the cell phone radiation that would otherwise be absorbed by the user’s head and body (as opposed to shielding or blocking the radiation which the FCC warns may actually increase radiation exposure, forcing the phone or iPad to work harder to find a signal). Pong cases are designed to work anywhere in the world.

+ Pong Cases for iPhones, BlackBerrys, Androids, iPad and iPad 2 $49.99 – $99.99

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