Pop-Up Adventure Play is an organization with many goals, but their number one mission is to support children’s play. Founded in 2010, Pop-Up Adventure Play aims to help make children’s right to play as they please a reality in every neighborhood by spreading information about “playwork” principles to a wide range of audiences. The organization also operates various UK-based Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds, which are free, public celebrations of child-directed play, stocked with kid-friendly attributes that encourage imaginative play, such as cardboard boxes, fabric, tape and string. These playgrounds are staffed by playworkers who not only introduce themes of risk and freedom to visitors but also welcome people of all ages and abilities to play together. See a Pop-Up Adventure playground in action in the video above and keep reading to learn more about the play resources this organization offers.

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Image above: Pop-Up Adventure Playground for Hopscotch CD festival

The organization operates primarily in the US and UK, but they do provide long-distance and in-person support all around the world and lots of other play resources as well, such as:

  • Their book, The New Adventure Playground Movement: How Communities across the USA are Returning Risk and Freedom to Childhood. The book features images, interviews and anecdotes about play along with people in all stages of adventure playground creation. This book is the perfect way to get inspired for your own adventure playground journey.
  • If you’d like to host your own play event, this organization will help via their free printable Resource Pack. It includes helpful checklists, handouts for parents, tips for training volunteers – everything you need to make your event a success!
  • Playwork training including, a range of services to help professional groups, community organizations and public institutions improve the opportunities they provide for play. The organization will do public speaking engagements and keynotes, as well as consultations on site design and professional development for staff.
  • Free resources related to play such as play handouts, checklists for play advocates and more.

Visit the Pop-Up Adventure Play website today, sign up for their newsletter and receive a free Mini Pop-Up Kit, and help your kids join the play revolution!

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