Regardless of what religion you practice or if you practice any religion at all, you have likely witnessed and admired Pope Francis’s unique ability to connect with people around the world as well as his affection for children. A new book Dear Pope Francis: The Pope Answers Letters from Children Around the World features 30 letters from children in diverse countries as they ponder theology, life, and even the Pope’s personal interests (among them: dancing the tango and watching soccer). With beautiful illustrations accompanying the wide-ranging, hand-written queries, Dear Pope Francis succeeds in confirming the current Pope’s status as Most Relatable Pope. Explaining the complexities of religion and life in general to children is a difficult task, and this book shows how it can be done respectfully and at a level they can understand. How do you determine what is appropriate? How do you explain why there is so much suffering and injustice in the world? This book offers the Pope’s answers and explanations in an honest and straightforward fashion without talking down to children.

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Obviously, if you aren’t Catholic or Christian, this book will likely have less of an appeal to you as a reader. However, it may be helpful as a model for explaining any difficult subject matter to children, religious or otherwise. The questions in the book were chosen as a vehicle for the Pope to address a vast spectrum of topics including poverty, joy, mortality, community, and suffering. These are issues that those of us living on the planet today grapple with regardless of our faiths. Even if you don’t care for the Pope’s religious viewpoint, Dear Pope Francis gives a glimpse into the thoughts and issues that children around the globe are concerned with — and that could spark deeper conversations and connections in your own home.

+ Dear Pope Francis: The Pope Answers Letters from Children Around the World

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