If you’ve been looking for a spirited way to animate the table settings for a friend’s eco baby shower or your child’s upcoming birthday bash, look no further! Stylish PopMat Paper Placemats are perfect green decor for any eco-friendly party agenda. With a wink to children’s pop-up books, these unique silhouette cut-out designs are intricately crafted in the USA out of recycled paper with a minimum of 30% post consumer fiber. Available in fifteen eye popping designs and a variety of hues, we believe that recycled pulp fiction of this variety is a great conversation starter for any gathering. Even better, you can write the name of invited guests in a designated area on each mat. Designed by Lian Ng, PopMat Placemats illustrate party throwing of the creatively edgy and sustainable kind.

+ PopMat Placemats $26 for a 10 pack at PubliqueSHOP