We’ll admit, dessert isn’t the occasion for heavy contemplation. Neither should icy summer treats invoke an anxiety attack and/or visions of Al Gore. Still, the plight of our planet’s biodiversity calls for some bold, outrageous moves, even if that means sneaking rhetoric into the last place you’d expect to find it: popsicle sticks.

Endangered Animal Popsicle Sticks, Cai Shi Wei, World Wildlife Fund China, endangered animals, extinct animals, global warming, eco kids, green kids
Designed by Cai Shi Wei for World Wildlife Fund China, “Bye Forever” is a collection of popsicle sticks that couples the silhouette of an endangered arctic animal (polar bear, penguin, sea lion) with a sobering message that is revealed as the frozen confection is eaten—or, in other words, as the “ice melts.” Subtle? Probably not. Effective? One can only hope.

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