Who says a greeting card can’t double as a gift? Especially when it pops-up and sprouts a mini living garden! Postcardens are designed and produced in Britain by A Studio for Design — a team of artists who created these evolutionary greetings to make the experience of receiving a card “more playful, curious and interactive,” encouraging the recipient to “bond, live and grow the greeting on day by day basis.” What a perfect message to deliver to green kids to help them develop a green thumb! Learn how easy it is to plant and produce your own mini garden from a Postcarden, and watch the time lapse video of how this sweet patch of green blossoms after the jump!

Available in three different designs: Allotment, Botanical and City, each Postcarden card comes with instructions and seeds — and impromptu gardeners need only provide water and light. In five easy steps: 1) Open and fold carden into 3D form, 2) Tuck the tabs into the slots and secure, 3) Carefully sprinkle water into the base, 4) Scatter cress seeds onto the damp paper, 5) Keep seeds moist by adding water as required — the garden will grow in 2-3 days, last up to 2 weeks, and the cress may be eaten as well! Postcardens are also recyclable or compostable — making them green through and through.

+ Postcarden Mini Living Garden cards $12.95

+ Postcarden

via Modernica