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After having to give up two foster children, the Swiridoff family dealt with the pain of loss by adding a furry friend to their lives. Labradoodle Reagan joined the family and provided love and companionship as they waited for their next foster child to arrive. When Buddy was brought into their lives when baby and pup were both 11 months-old, Reagan fell immediately in love, and the pair have become inseparable.

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Embracing Buddy and Reagan’s friendship, the duo’s foster mom began documenting their totally cute daily lives. The buddies do everything together, including going for walks, stealing snacks, share kisses and even nap together in a cuddle puddle. As if the photographs weren’t cute enough, Buddy and Reagan’s family started dressing them alike for photos, with dog and boy wearing matching polo shirts, Halloween costumes- even pajamas!

The playful pup is the subject of a 2017 calendar available on Etsy, and the sale of each will directly help foster family organizations.

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