Not content to wait nine months to hold your baby-to-be? 3D Babies lets parents purchase an exact replica of their fetus in three different sizes. Each comes in your choice of skin color, and arrives at your doorstep in a satin-lined wood box. Children of celebrity figures are also available, and gift cards can be presented to the family who already has enough onesies and toys.

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While most 3D and 4D ultrasounds have been used to help assist doctors with difficult pregnancies and births, a market has developed to turn the information into physical souvenirs of maternity. 3D Babies claims that the tiny figures ranging from $200-600 will help family members bond with the child before their formal introduction to the world. For those not interested in seeing their own offspring, the company also offers models of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West.

Clearly, the service is an expensive alternative to the standard issue black-and-white ultrasound photos tacked into a scrap book. While the diminutive sculptures may be a bit more difficult to share with friends and family than a picture, they may have some appeal to those who want to document the entire course of their child’s journey through the world, even before it begins.

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