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Housed at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a huge variety of birds, mammals, amphibians, and more, and Dew finds a comparable sized animal to match her burgeoning bump each week. Beginning with a rat when she was 19 weeks pregnant, Dew has also compared her baby bump to a turtle, a baby opposum, a bushbaby, a ball python, and a macaw. Dew is currently 33 weeks and a few days along, (with a striped skunk as the weight equivalent of her baby), and we look forward to seeing the wild animals that will be used for comparison in the coming weeks, especially when she hits what we typically consider to be the “watermelon” stage.

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Dew originally got the idea for her alternative maternity shots in part because she felt like fruit comparisons simply didn’t get the job done due to the variations in size that exists even among one type of fruit. She also found an app that compared the size of unborn babies to animals, and then she took advantage of the perfectly sized creatures at the zoo, photographing them in front of her belly. Not all of the animals, however, were super into getting snapped. The photo shoot for the active, antsy bushbaby required Dew to have baby food smeared on her belly in order to get the shot! For pregnant moms, Dew’s photos are a fun and wild way to imagine your baby as she grows. We also think big brothers and sisters-to-be will get a kick out of imagining their little brother or sister as a wild animal. Just don’t be surprised if they start informing anyone who will listen, “My baby brother is a skink!”

via Babyology and The Huffington Post

All images via Jen Stone Dew’s Instagram page