As 3D ultrasound technology advances, doctors and technicians are increasingly able to use the detailed images and rapid prototyping to create true-to-life models of the developing fetus. (See our previous stories about GE’s HDlive astounding 3D Ultrasounds, and these amazing 3D sonograms that let parents hold a life-sized model of their baby-to-be!) While ultrasounds are generally used for diagnostic purposes, PreNatal 3D allows parents to take home a memento of their growing baby via their “Little Cupids.” Each tiny bust is a perfect rendering of the face of the child growing in mom’s womb, framed and ready to be displayed alongside your other family photos!

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The ultrasound casts are set in white, with options for different color matting in the background. More personal than an inkjet-printed, black-and-white image, the framed faces are a novel way to allow parents to bond with their unborn children as well as send as keepsakes to relatives. PreNatal 3D may provide expectant families with the first lifelike view of their baby, which is taken between twenty and thirty-six weeks. “Created on state of the art rapid prototyping equipment, every Little Cupid is made from environmentally friendly PLA (polylactide is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from corn starch) and is accurate to an astonishing 0.1mm.”

The Melbourne, Australia ultrasound clinic COGUS will be the first to offer the Little Cupids. Casts can be made within several days of a scan, and cost $299 for each portrait.

Would you use your ultrasound to create a Little Cupid? How early do you begin preserving your child’s milestones?

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