Got a three or four year-old who just doesn’t appreciate the awesomeness that is preschool? Then heck, maybe it’s time you showed your tot how it’s done, by heading back to preschool yourself! Nope, not as a classroom parent or teacher’s aid, but as an actual enrolled preschool student. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s a reality for a few lucky grown-ups enrolled in a new preschool for adults in Brooklyn, NY. Michelle Joni Lapidos (or Miss Joni to her students) has opened up a limited-in-size, but still hyper cool preschool, dubbed Preschool Mastermind for adults out of her home in Brooklyn, NY. Lapidos says her exclusive adult preschool will not only allow grown-ups to re-learn the basics, but more importantly allow adults to “experience the ::magic:: of life as it was originally intended” complete with “preschool concepts, like sharing and friendship” plus hands-on playtime. The class schedule will include plenty of preschool essentials, such as:

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According to her adult preschool website, Lapidos has “nearly half a degree in Early Childhood Education” and her assistant teacher, Miss CanCan (aka Candice Kilpatrick) has a Master’s Degree in Teaching. Honestly, we’d sign up just for the guaranteed nap time, but when you throw in all the other fun preschool activities, it’s no wonder the new school received so many applications (some of which are shown above). Sadly, the first official Preschool Mastermind sessions have already kicked off with 10 students, but there’s a second session of adult preschool in fall 2015. If you live in New York, and you’re interested in rediscovering your inner child, sign up for the “Love” newsletter, at the Preschool Mastermind website, which will keep you in the know about when you must sign up for the fall session.

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