President Barack Obama’s sweet rapport with babies and children has been well-documented. Throughout his presidency, he has always made time to give little ones a high-five or indulge in a little goofiness with them. So it made total sense that as a devoted dad himself, he signed the Babies Act on Friday, ensuring that all bathrooms in federal buildings (note the stipulation) now have baby changing facilities to take care of diaper duty. That’s right: dads can and should be able to change baby’s diaper while out and about — and not have to deal with a diaper blowout by taking off their coat and using it as a “changing table” on the bathroom floor (which my husband may or may not have had to do more than a few times when our kiddos’ were still in diapers). While we wish they would pass a law requiring clean, available diaper changing stations in every bathroom across the country, this act does include a wide variety of locations such as post offices, court houses, and Social Security offices. The act details that there will be signs pointing to these sanitary changing stations, which is a key element since some members of our family seem to be less likely than others to ask for directions. Not naming names or pointing fingers, but you know who you are. Now that we’ve got the equality-in- diaper-changing-stations in progress, can we move on to paid parental leave for BOTH parents and gender pay equality?

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