England’s royal family is passing down more than a throne from one generation to the next. The fairytale treehouse built for Prince William in 1989 has just been renovated for Prince George to enjoy. Reportedly, Prince Charles has spent tens of thousands of dollars to update the woodland playground, which sits on the grounds of his country estate, Highgrove, for William’s two year-old son.

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Prince Charles is widely known for his work cultivating his backyard garden at Highgrove, which he has owned since 1980. Although Charles may not get to see his grandson as often as he’d like, according to reports, it didn’t stop him from setting up a toddler’s wonderland at the Gloucestershire property with his grandson George in mind. Charles’ most recent outdoor project involved refurbishing the thatched-roof treehouse where George’s father and his uncle Harry played when they were small. The treehouse, which had fallen into a bit of disrepair, had to be relocated after the holly tree it was in died. Now, the treehouse is reinforced by slate towers and the trap door has been traded out for a new entry featuring a holly leaf-shaped door, paying homage to its former ‘roots.’ The structure will reportedly get a new roof soon as well.

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The doting grandfather didn’t stop after updating the old treehouse, though. George also has his own special hideaway tucked in his grandfather’s wildflower meadow. Charles installed a £20,000 ($31,000) hand-made artisan shepherd’s hut there, which is painted in Charles’s favorite pale duck egg blue and is outfitted with a small bed, a woodburner, and French oak wooden floors. Nearby, and within site from the main house, Charles and George planted a balsam tree to commemorate their time together.

This amazing treehouse was originally built for William for his seventh birthday, although he reportedly had to share with his younger brother Harry as well. We’re certain that little George will also have to share his fairytale playland with his little sister Princess Charlotte, just as soon as she’s old enough to toddle after him down the path on their grandfather’s estate.

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