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Kieron’s works do call to mind those of the Impressionists, with heavy attention to lighting, the natural world, and the way that people interact with it. Many of his paintings are set by or in the water, a nod to his continued inspiration from waterside areas like Cornwall.

While Kieron’s parents admit that they aren’t artists themselves, they noticed that he was naturally talented at mixing colors and trying various artistic media. Along with Kieron’s grandma, they supported his interest, purchasing “good quality adult art materials.” His family’s encouragement plus Kieron’s own high standards for himself have clearly paid off, and he is enjoying the unusual honor of being a teen who makes (much more) than most working adult artists, all while still in school.

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Kieron has wise words for educators and education administrators: “there’s not enough encouragement or services for [children],” suggesting that forming community art groups would be helpful in getting young artists interested and engaged. That method seems to be working for Kieron, who has buyers around the world.

As for those two million plus pounds, Kieron doesn’t have much interest in spending it (at least right now), according to his parents. In addition to painting, he also spends time cycling and listening to music, which allows him to relax while creating his art.

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