Graduating from a bottle with a nipple to a sippy cup can be a bumpy transition, especially for little ones who are attached to their “Baa, baa.” Pura smoothes the way with their food-grade stainless steel Kiki baby bottles and toddler water bottles, which come in 5 oz and 11 oz sizes  free from BPA, lead, PVC, and phthalates. While the completely plastic-free bottles come with their own nipple or soft sippy spout, the nipples and spouts are interchangeable with each other as well as with most other brands on the market, making it simple to use the same bottle for your child as she grows (or for your next little one to inherit it).

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While glass baby bottles offer the same chemical free feeding advantages as Pura’s bottles, stainless steel is unbreakable and lighter to tote in your diaper bag. To minimize your scrubbing and soaping time, the Pura Kiki feeding system is dishwasher safe even when used along with their textured silicone sleeves and has a wide mouth for easy cleaning. Plus, the cheery colors and sleek design will make your child the envy of the sippy cup and swing set!

+ Kiki Infant and Toddler Bottles $13.99 – $18.49

+ Pura