Kids are full of boundless, vibrant creativity, and qb Playhouses enable a child to channel his or her fanciful imagination and colorful take on life into a one-of a-kind miniature abode. Via an easy, 1-2-3 process: “Choose, Build, Play,” “everything is possible” when it comes to designing and customizing a qb playhouse. What a wonderful philosophy to encourage a child’s dreams.

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A choice of any color will enliven the walls, doors, windows and details, and funky patterns ranging from “Yeah Baby,” to “Wild West Lemonade” bring a qb playhouse to groovy fruition. By far the coolest option of the design process is that a child may choose his or her very own, unique print by uploading a special photo or print on the qb playhouse website… making their qb 100% exclusive.

Rest assured that your child’s first architectural venture is green in scope and charitable in nature. qb playhouses are made with sound and environmentally-friendly wood. The folks at qb elaborate, “…we cooperate with the Forestry Commission who chops foreign species in order to be able to plant native trees. For each house we sell, we also deposit a financial contribution into the account of “Right to Play,” because we, qb, feel that all children have the right to play.”

qb playhouses are the blueprints which point toward a bright future of original, creative thinking for the next generation. “There’s no place like home” moves from heartfelt sentiment to indisputable fact when a child designs a qb playhouse.

Click here for a 3D demo of a qb playhouse.

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