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Gray’s vibrant igloo is literally a labor of love because he built it to prove to Burton that he is worthy of her daughter’s hand in marriage. Burton admitted, “(I said) to Dan, you know if you want my daughter’s hand you have to complete this, and he did it!” With regard to his building process Gray told Global Edmonton, “There was a few calculations involved, mostly regarding an estimation of how many blocks we would require, just based on it being a spherical shape.” He devised a simple concoction he dubbed “snowcrete” to make the rainbow ice bricks stick together. Gray offers, “(Snowcrete) is just snow and water but, it sticks really well to the ice… the snowcrete just shaped and moulded however you wanted, so it made it possible.”

We think this whimsical abode will certainly set a new trend in igloo architecture, as who would ever want a plain white structure after seeing this colorful marvel in all its glory?

+ Global Edmonton

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