Rainy Pot, designed by Jeong Seungbin, began as an entry in the 2013 Red Dot Design Award event. Now, the unique and clever watering flower and plant pot has been turned into a real product! Rainy Pot functions as its name implies. It’s a wall-hung flower pot with a cloud-shaped water filter. Kids will love this design because it allows flowers or plants to be watered by ‘raindrops’ drizzling out of the floating cloud. According to Seungbin, “The gentle effect of raindrops is less stressful for plants than having a torrent of water poured on it from a cup” or basic watering can. Rainy Pot is cute, no doubt, but also stylish enough to merge into most any interior decor scheme. As noted, though Rainy Pot was previously simply concept art, now it’s available for sale through a few exclusive retailers thanks to Dailylife Lab.

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