Most parents harbor the hope that their little ones will grow up to inherit an appreciation for all of nature’s creatures; both cuddly and scaley. But while most kids come into the world with an in-born affection for fuzzy puppies and cuddly kittens – snakes, rats and voles are a harder sell. With that in mind, one tactic that the green-minded parent can try to endear your tot to Mother Nature’s less photogenic critters is the one failsafe method: the magic of Hollywood. If you buy into this logic, you’ll want to check out RANGO, an animated comedy-adventure from the director of Pirates of the Caribbean, arriving in theaters March 4th.

The film stars Johnny Depp as Rango, a skinny green chameleon and family pet whose identity crisis leads him out of the family terrarium and into a swashbuckling adventure in a bandit-plagued Wild West town.

Along the way he meets a scrappy cast of feathered, scaled, and furred critters including Abigail Breslin as Priscilla, a pig-tailed cactus mouse, and Isla Fisher as Beans, a fetching desert iguana (and Rango’s apparent love interest).

Parents who couldn’t get enough of True Grit will dig the opportunity to dive back into some old-timey western ambiance, and your kids will delight in the kooky antics Depp gets up to in the wily desert town of Dirt. And of course, the story ends with a heartfelt twist that should keep your family reveling in the warm and fuzzy feelings well through dinner. Just don’t blame Johnny if Jr. starts begging for his own bedroom terrarium — with any luck, he’ll be a card carrying Sierra Club member before you know it.

+ RANGO – Opening in Theaters March 4th