We’re familiar with home birth, Lotus birth, DIY freebirthing experiences, and even dolphin-assisted birth, but giving birth out in the wild is a concept that definitely piques our interest. The idea of giving birth outdoors isn’t new — women all over the world have given birth outdoors since the dawn of man. However, giving birth in the wild is practically unheard of. This novel idea stems from a new reality show in the works, “Born in the Wild,” which was inspired by a YouTube video of a woman who labors and delivers her baby naturally in the middle of the Daintree rainforest. The video has racked up 23,644,023 views and counting, showing that it’s possible that some women are at least interested in the idea, but of course many may simply be curious to see the outcome — and clearly, giving birth outside is not a suitable, or desirable option for every woman.

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‘Born in the Wild’ is set to debut on Lifetime, and it certainly offers a unique birthing choice. But is it a safe choice? Studies have already shown that home birth is safe for women experiencing a low-risk pregnancy, but that means home births attended by a midwife and of course with some sterilized conditions. Birth outside, while intriguing, runs the risk of being less safe due to uncontrollable circumstances. Mother Nature can be chaotic. The producers of ‘Born in the Wild’ say they’ll have an ambulance and an EMT on site during production in case of an emergency, but that’s not exactly how other women might run their own birth in the wild. Evelyn Minaya, an OB-GYN from Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, New Jersey, tells TODAY that doctors are still a necessary component in case things go wrong and even home birth advocates tend to agree that having at least one skilled birth attendant present at every delivery just in case something doesn’t go as planned, or a full resuscitation of the infant is necessary. What do you think? Will “wild births” become a new trend or is this just a fad that might be right for a few women? Let us know in the comments and take our poll above.

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