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McDonald’s has issued a voluntary recall of 12 million drinking glasses, which were part of their campaign to promote the newest Shrek movie “Shrek Forever After”. Testing of the popular collectors’ items has revealed the paint contains levels of cadmium higher than acceptable limits. Cadmium, which is used as a pigment in paints, is a known carcinogen that studies have shown can cause bone softening and severe kidney problems. McDonalds will begin accepting the glasses and issuing refunds beginning June 8th and further instructions will be available on their website at

The “Shrek”-themed glassware was released in May to help promote the fourth Shrek movie, but unfortunately the campaign has taken a wrong turn. The 16-oz glasses are painted with depictions of Puss n’ Boots, Shrek, Princess Fiona and Donkey, but tests from the Consumer Product Safety Commission reveal that cadmium leached from the paint in tests at levels “slightly above the protective level currently being developed by the agency.”

The potential of cadmium leaching out of the paint onto a child’s hand and then into a child’s mouth from an unwashed hand is significant. Even at low-levels of exposure to cadmium could have adverse health effects, which is why the CPSC has issued the voluntary recall and warning consumers to stop using the glassware immediately. The glassware was sold in McDonald’s throughout the nation during May for $2 a piece.

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Via NYTimes