Eco-friendly, kid-sized furniture can be a pain because it’s expensive and your child will only use it for a short time in most cases. That’s why the recycled Miley DIY Chair & Desk are so awesome! Designed by Jaewon Kang and Sooyoung Yoo, this small, but useful collection is lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble (tool-free), plus the perfect way to get some kid-sized pieces stat, that won’t break the bank, even if you have more than one tot in your house. Although these two pieces are already adorable with their cute little smiles, you or your child can easily grab some paint, crayons or stickers and customize the furniture. Both the chair and desk are made with corrugated, recycled cardboard, so you can simply recycle them both when your kid outgrows them. Perfect for ages 3+.

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+ Miley DIY Chair & Desk $15.00-$18.00

+ MoMA Store