If teaching your tots to save money is part of your family’s New Year’s resolutions, then simple yet ingenious Recycle Coin Bank Bottle Caps will help your kiddos stash away coins stylishly and sustainably. Each set of four colorful caps, all of which are outfitted with a slot for coin drops, comes with a sheet of deco stickers, — so you can top and decorate a variety of bottles that would otherwise have ended up in the recycling bin, and designate them for myriad purposes. May we suggest a bottle for your tot’s earnings, to save up to buy toys or books, and a bottle for coins that may be donated to a child-chosen charity? Honestly, we can’t think of many better gifts to give our little ones than a sense of pride in earning for themselves and a sense of charity in giving to others.

+ Recycle Coin Bank Bottle Caps $6.95

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