Your family will probably be generating a little more trash than usual over the next few days as you make your way through unwrapping your favorite Halloween treats. Instead of tossing all those wrappers in the rubbish bin, use Terracycle’s Candy and Snack Wrapper Zero Waste Box and turn your trash into recycled plastic products like park benches or watering cans. The boxes, which are available in three sizes, come with a prepaid return shipping label, so just fill them up and send them on their merry soon-to-be recycled way. Each Terracycle box can hold quite a lot of wrappers and can be used anytime of the year for recycling candy wrappers, snack bags or other snack packages. They’re a great ongoing recycling project for your child’s school, your family’s house of worship, or a community center, so get more people involved and split the cost.

+ Snack and Candy Wrapper Zero Waste Box $41.00-$225.00

Lead image ©Ekaterina_Minaeva via Shutterstock