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The Mod House lets kids be architect and interior and exterior decorator, and has the mark of every great toy: the whole process can be done over and over again. Included in the set are four “people,” 26 furniture pieces, 75 pieces for building, and crayons and erasers, so tots can redesign and redecorate their dream dwelling for hours of entertainment. They’ve also made playing cards into a DIY activity: the standard deck has been left undecorated so kids can add their own designs or symbols, reinforcing number concepts all the while. We love that building is encouraged here too: each card has six slots so that little ones can interlock them and build a funky structure of their own design.

Urban Canvas is committed not just to being green (their toys are made of recycled and recyclable cardboard and they avoid excess packaging), but also to inspiring green behaviors. Their Nature Trails collection, which features build-your-own butterflies and grasshoppers is sure to encourage kids to head out into the great outdoors and look for more critters in their native environment.

Their City Streets collection allows kiddos to create their own skyscraper and even comes in two different options for varied ages. The Metropolis Train Set (complete with sliding doors) is a great activity for the transportation-obsessed tot and can even be folded inside out to serve as a canvas for decoration.

+ Urban Canvas $18- $55