If you’ve ever done any papermaking, you know first hand the satisfaction of transforming slushy pulp into handmade sheets or sculpted forms. Tamago furniture is eco-friendly children’s furniture created out of 100% recycled paper pulp from egg cartons — and it puts a whole new spin on recycled packaging. The Tamago (‘egg’ in Japanese) series consists of seven soft contour furniture forms that may be easily recombined to create letters and numbers for endless playtime fun. Even better… your little one can draw directly on the paper surface enabling personalized customization and ‘eggs-tra doodling’.

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Tamago was conceived by the Latvian design team, Merci Design, and was recently featured at DMY Berlin 2009. Sustainable design that demonstrates the smart re-use of household materials really sets the stage for just how ‘grade A’ creative upcycling can be.

+ Tamago Series by Merci Design

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