Domestic life can be complicated these days, no matter how much we try to simplify things… but it is good to know that old-fashioned fun can still be had with an empty tin or a stovetop pot. The folks at rafinesse & tristesse have ‘refined’ the art of recycling by creating super-cute kitchen play sets for boys and girls. Crafted out of reworked olive oil tins (with no sharp edges), each kid-scaled play piece is handmade in Germany or Switzerland and serves up hours of playtime and collaborative domestic fun.

The ‘frizzle sizzle’ cooker stovetop or the ‘splish splash’ sink are great ways to teach kids about the how-tos of mealtime prep and clean-up, while also learning a thing or two about products that benefit our environment. Even better, there is also a ‘tin tuffet’ for stay at home Dads who want to get in on the action, or simply have a time-out until Mom comes home!

+ rafinesse & tristesse