This is one of those times when you wonder if life across the pond might be a little more magical. Seriously, have you ever seen such an amazing rocking chair?! The Royal Bird Rocking Chair is a whimsical part of the Crème anglaise collection by talented French furniture maker Jocelyn Costis. This chair is handmade to order with recycled wood pallets. All little ones love to have their own rockers, and this one’s unique tweet appeal is sure to add charm to any child’s bedroom or playroom setting. This beautiful chair is delivered ready to use and comes in one child-friendly size only (H70 x L63 x D30 cm). Although sold by UK based BODIE and FOU, they do ship around the world. We think this one-of-a-kind chair just might be worth offsetting some emissions.

+ Royal Bird Rocking Chair £200.00

+ Jocelyn Costis