Caring for the planet isn’t all fun and games — but it could be. With Oomy Design’s Recycly waste receptacles, which are designed with children in mind, recycling time turns into playtime. The trio of color-coded robots are programmed to detect the type of waste they’ve been given, whether it’s paper (blue), plastic (green), or organic matter (yellow). If the waste has been correctly sorted, the bins light up with their corresponding colors, creating a reward system that directs even recycling novices to select the right option.

Recycly Robotic Waste Container, Recycly, robotic recycling bins, Oomy Design

Conceptualized by Vanessa Moreno, Nenad Katic, Marian Sánchez Aedo, and Clara Bonafé, the Recycly containers are the supercharged, 21st century equivalent of the garden gnome. They’re made of Crion, an ultra-white plastic that is not only self-cleaning and weather-resistant, but also the perfect blank canvas for a backlit display.

+ Oomy Design