Wondering how to make room for your tot’s ever-growing tower of treasured tales? The REK Bookcase Jr. is both smart and beautiful — with a classic aesthetic that will earn it a space in your home for a lifetime. Scaled down from the original adult-sized version, this 100% biodegradable poplar plywood shelving system is an eco-friendly haven for your child’s favorite books. Similar to the original REK, the five inherent parts in the bookcase’s design slide in or out to fit almost any space, expanding to accommodate your child’s ever-evolving book collection.

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Writing about the inspiration behind his creation of a miniature version of the REK Bookcase, furniture and interior designer Reinier de Jong affectionately states: “Despite the iPad and its countless toddler apps, my two year-old is very fond of his little books. And of course they were left all around the place. It was time for his own shelves.”

The REK Bookcase Jr. offers an alternative to traditional compressed plywood products that often contain toxic glues bonded together with formaldehyde-based resins. de Jong’s bookcase, sourced from responsibly managed forests in Europe, is a lightweight material finished with 100% organic linseed oil wax. Parents need not worry — children will be stacking their stories on eco furniture that’s free from chemical vapors or toxic sealants for years to come.

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Images via Reinier de Jong