If your little one has separation anxiety, the T. Jacket can remarkably provide a reassuring hug from you, even when you’re far away. Designed by James The, the sweatshirt’s inner layer is lined with pressurized sensors that are activated via a remote control. Parents can download an app that with a press of a button, gives a comforting squeeze to their kiddo! The remote control reacts in real-time, so when you send your child a hug with your smart phone, the jacket delivers the warm gesture instantly. The lining contains small pockets outfitted with electronic sensors, which inflate and apply pressure in several areas along the abdomen and back.

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Aside from sending a far away hug, the jacket can also be a valuable resource to help children suffering from autism or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Many therapists use deep pressure therapy to alleviate anxiety or agitation trauma. When a therapist or parent is not nearby to help when the affected child has an anxiety attack, the T. Jacket can give the sensory pressure to calm the child down.

Each T. Jacket has a remote control system, as well as a motion sensor that can gauge frustration. When a child becomes agitated, the motion sensor sends an alert to a parent or therapist, who can then send a “hug” at soft, medium, or strong levels.

The T.Jacket is priced at $399 and will be available this September.

+ T. Jacket $399

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