Unless you spend half your adult life knocked up—we’re looking at you, Michelle Duggar—it’s hard to justify dropping a huge wad of cash on everyday maternity clothing, not to mention fancy pregger duds you’ll have even less occasion to wear. Rent Maternity Wear is a new online rental service that gussies up bump-carrying women at an affordable rate, even high-end labels like Fierce Mamas by Christian Siriano.

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Like its name implies, Rent Maternity Wear leases out chic maternity apparel, mostly semi-formal and formalwear, by the week. For baby showers, weddings, date nights, or any affair that demands more than sweats and a baggy tee, Rent Maternity Wear has the outfit to match, including afternoon tea frocks, cocktail dresses, and evening gowns.

Prices start at $35 per week and scale up according, depending on the dress’s retail price. You can also opt for a two-week rental for upwards of $50. If you’re afraid of catching cooties, you can also dole out $60 and up for one week with a dress that’s guaranteed to be brand new or worn just once.

When you’re ready to part with your frock, simply slip it into the prelabeled return shipping bag and drop it into any mailbox. Bonus: You don’t have to deal with dry-cleaning the dress, since it’s included in the price.