Republic Bike, the company responsible for the fleet of bikes being ridden around the legendary Google campus, has a sweet  line of cargo bikes for kids, and all we can say is, “We want one!” And we don’t just mean for our kids. Designed to look like the practical and popular three-wheeled bicycles seen around Europe, the bike features a sizable wooden crate in front. Perfect for carrying books or sports equipment (or for, ahem, helping out Mom and Dad with all the fresh loot scored at the farmer’s market), the cargo crate would also be great for kids toting gear to the pool or beach. We love the extra support the structure gives as well as its cool old-school-meets new style. Available in putty, orange, magenta, and sour apple, and navy blue, the limited edition bikes are built to order and can even be personalized with a name engraving.

+ Inverted Tricycle Kids’ Cargo Bikes $349.00 and up

+ Republic Bike