Babies grow out of clothing at remarkable speeds, so we’re always on the hunt for smart ways to extend the life of outgrown clothes. Our newest find? Ashley, the blogger mom behind Make It and Love It, turns a onesie into a bubble dress. It’s an adorable solution for those one-pieces that still fit up top, but are too snug in length.

While you will need sewing skills to turn one of your baby’s outgrown onesies into a bubble dress, you don’t need a lot of other supplies. You’ll just need to choose a coordinating fabric to make the bubble part of the dress.

Then you’ll cut off the bottom portion of the onesie, gather the skirt part along the bottom of your onesie and sew it on. Ashley also added a cute little homemade flower to jazz up the top of the bubble dress. Head over to her blog for the full how-to instructions.

+ Turn a Onesie Into a Bubble Dress

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