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The fantastical calendar and photo shoot was the brainchild of charity volunteer, Attilia Conti. Conti, an amateur photographer, decided to pay tribute to her newfound furry friends by casting them as characters from Wonderland. The idea came to her when tending to a particular white rabbit, who was recently rescued from an animal testing lab.

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With the White Rabbit cast as an important figure in the novel, Conti decided to expand the photo shoot, using other animals from the rescue center as characters. Snow white rats were posed with flowers and paint brushes, appearing soft and cuddly in the whimsical tableau. Gray mice posed in teapots and cups as part of the famous tea party scene. The white rabbit was even joined by a stark white baby bunny, to illustrate the scene where Alice must drink potions to get bigger and smaller.

The stars of the cute calendar are not only inspiring models — they are also available for adoption. The calendar’s sales will help hundreds and hundreds of rescued animals.

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