Whether the candidate you were rooting for won or not, we can all agree this was an unpleasant election filled with barbs and plenty of vitriol that has left a nation struggling to unite and find common ground. As many of us are still reeling from the surprising results, we are looking for ways to help our children process the election and move forward in a positive way ourselves. From an environmental perspective, Trump is far from an ideal president-elect: he has said that climate change is a hoax and has vowed to pull federal funding for climate change programs while building the Keystone XL pipeline. Coupled with his controversial statements towards women and aggressive online behavior, there is understandable need for concern on how his presidency could affect our children, our society and future generations. While we anxiously await his actions as president regarding the environment and family issues including childcare and parental leave, we will stay motivated to promote and cultivate a society of acceptance, tolerance, inclusion, and equality for everyone. On that note, we recommend these links for guidance in the coming weeks and months:

Lead image © Albert H. Teich via Shutterstock