Many kids are less than enthusiastic about the first day of kindergarten. After spending five years as their parent’s constant companion, it can be hard for a new kindergartner to understand why they suddenly have to go to school with a lot of strange kids and a new teacher. Looking for a way to get his students excited about coming to class, a teacher in the City of Rustavi, Georgia, decided it was the classroom itself that needed a makeover. Headmaster Gari Chapidze purchased a retired Yakovlev 42 plane from Georgian Airways and transformed it into what might possibly be the world’s coolest kindergarten classroom.

“I wondered for a long time how to make a kindergarten where children will not want to go home,” Chapidze told The Telegraph. “So I came up with the idea of making a kindergarten in a plane.” Where once there were only uncomfortable seats and overhead compartments, the upcycled classroom now features wood floors, a series of small desks, new light fixtures, educational equipment, games and toys.

In a brilliant design decision, the Headmaster decided to leave the cockpit just as it was when the plane was operational. This means there are over 1,500 buttons that the kids can play with while pretending they are real pilots ready for takeoff.

Chapidze hopes that the new classroom and the playful learning opportunities it inspires will help parents justify the fee for attending his private school. While learning can take place in many different types of environments, there’s no denying that most kids would have a hard time turning down a day of play in a real airplane.

via Ecochunk and Treehugger

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