When it comes to kids’ trick or treating bounty, it’s all about fairness. Every parent has stared at a kitchen table covered in chocolate treats only to hear from their caped crusader, “It’s not fair, he got more candy than me,” or “I was fair and only took one, but she grabbed five!” This Halloween, why not teach our trick or treating fiends about the true meaning of Fair Trade?

During the month of October, we celebrate more than Halloween. October is also Fair Trade month. The folks at Global Exchange are encouraging children to engage in reverse trick or treating to help spread awareness about the poverty stricken plight of cocoa farmers, to end forced and abusive labor of children in cocoa fields, to promote Fair Trade, and to protect the environment.

To help advocate this worthy cause, and instill eco-enlightening virtues in both your children and the community at large, print up the fliers found here to hand out at the houses at which you and your children go trick or treating. They get a treat, but they also use the opportunity to educate people about Fair Trade within the cocoa farming community.

Set a prime example by handing out Fair Trade chocolate to trick or treaters. Fair Trade chocolate may be found at Trader Joe’s as well as at Equal Exchange, Alter Eco, and La Siembra.

Read your children this personal story about Lucy, a cocoa farmer, so they may understand how their actions will help save lives, and check out this compelling article from Treehugger, The Bitter Truth About Chocolate, to further motivate your efforts.

Go reverse trick or treating with your kids this Halloween, and no matter what they’re dressed up as, they’ll all be little superheroes!