bildopolis, big bilder, cardboard box toy
The Big Bilder comes in a large, slender box that you can use to store the cardboard pieces when not in use. All of the pieces are made with 40% recycled cardboard and are recyclable and compostable. The kit comes with 26 24″ squares, 6 rectangles, 8 triangles, 4 special squares, and 100 colored reusable velcro dots to attach the boxes together. Bildopolis is a San Francisco based company with all of the recycled cardboard coming from California.

bildopolis, big bilder, cardboard toy
Each cardboard box has several Velcro pieces fixed to them so that you can attach the color dots to hold the boxes together. You can easily stick them on and take them off. We’ve had our kit for over a month and my daughter has designed something new every day. We’ve had no issues with the Velcro coming off or not sticking.

bildopolis, big bilder, cardboard box toy
This was the first thing my daughter to decide to build on her own. I love the special squares in which can be used for a sun roof, door, window, or entrance. The great thing about the Big Bilder is that you can get super creative, or build the basic house. I’ve loved watching my daughter’s creativity expand with each design.

bildopolis, big bilder, cardboard house
After building the basic house, my daughter decided to expand on her design and elongate. She got the idea for this design off of the Bilding Manual, but she added a full roof instead of just 2 peaks.

bildopolis, big bilder, cardboard house
After getting a chance to experiment with different designs, my daughter decided to create a blueprint on what she wanted to build. She hung up the blueprint and got to work to build this fun fort.

bildopolis, big builder, cardboard house

After owning our Bildopolis Big Bilder for over a month, we are still thrilled with the product. My daughter has loved created new designs daily and it’s easy to take apart and pack up. The boards are made out of cardboard and can easily bend, so it’s better for the kit to be stored in the box when not in use.

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