Sleep is one of the biggest issues new parents face upon welcoming a new baby into the family — and sleep takes on an identity of its own in households with children, often eluding and confounding moms and dads well into their child’s toddler years. We’ve written a great deal about sleep (or lack thereof) here on Inhabitots, and it’s a topic that maintains our constant interest because it permeates all of our lives as parents on a daily basis. Add to this, concerns about SIDS, and anxiety levels peak. In a previous article on SIDS we highlighted the tragic statistic that, “Every year in the United States, more than 2,300 otherwise healthy babies die suddenly and unexpectedly from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).” Additionally, “a recent international study published in the medical journal Pediatrics concluded that 25 percent of SIDS babies were found with their head covered.” As if we weren’t worried and sleep deprived enough…

With regard to my baby, I check regularly to make sure he is breathing throughout all of his sleeping sessions, morning noon and night, and I also make certain his crib bumper doesn’t pose a suffocation hazard, and that stuffed toys, pillows and blankets are not in his sleeping vicinity. These are standard rules most parents already know and abide. But I had not given a great deal of thought about the safety of the garment he actually wore to sleep — (aside from it fitting well, being cozy, appropriately warm and easy to remove for midnight diaper changes). So when I was introduced to Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sacks, I was thrilled to know such a safe and suitable option existed for keeping babies safe while sleeping.

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Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack is made of 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable merino, and it is fire-resistant, allergy safe, easily unzips for diaper changes, and may be worn into a child’s toddler years given its room to grow design. Natural fabrics like Merino wool are the best option for babies to sleep in because they are more breathable than synthetic fabrics — protecting against overheating. Merino boasts the remarkable feature of keeping babies from overheating while they sleep by responding to “changes in a baby’s body temperature to trap air, keeping them warm in cool rooms and releasing heat and moisture when the room temperature rises.” (Overheating is also a SIDS risk factor according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.)

By dressing my son in this sleep sack, I don’t have to worry about him kicking a blanket off and getting cold or whether or not he’ll unintentionally lift the blanket over his face during slumber. I also like the safety belt aperture built in to the design of the sleep sack, which enables parents to fasten baby’s car seat or stroller buckle through an opening in the front of the sleep sack so baby may transition from car or stroller to crib without having to change clothing or tote blankets.

With winter approaching, parents are going to feel compelled to bundle up their babies in blankets to keep them warm. I’d highly recommend giving the Merino Kids Sleep Sack as a gift to your baby to ensure their body temperature is properly regulated, and to keep them cozy through the season. The Sleep Sack is also designed to be worn year-round to facilitate safe slumber conditions for little ones.

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