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The self-taught photographer first picked up a camera after her second child was born. Wanting to capture her girls’ growing up moment by moment, rather than with a scheduled photographer, she quickly taught herself the ins-and-outs of professional photography before going pro. Her knack for creatively photographing her own kids soon caught the eyes of other parents, who wanted their own children photographed in Logsdon’s whimsical style.

To start each session, Logsdon first gets to know her subjects, finding out each kid’s favorite toys, books and dreams. The child’s answers are then her inspiration to creatively fuel the fantastical and elaborate photographs. Logsdon comes armed with her own props fit for a fairytale, as well as a selection of dresses and costumes that kids are welcome to use for their moments in front of the camera.

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Inspired by the kids’ stories, Logsdon has transformed little boys into brave knights fighting fire-breathing dragons — in Photoshop of course. Little sea captains can look to a shore through a prop telescope, or little girls can become fairies with realistic-looking glistening wings.

Logsdon’s photography gives parents a unique and memorable piece of art to remember the wonder of their little one’s childhood dreams.

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