One of the things that shocked us when we had little ones was just how sharp their nails could be: we used to call our son Wolverine because of his tendency to claw us and himself when we tried carefully cleaning or cutting his nails. Another thing that surprised us? Just how much we treasure the little hairs on their heads… and how tender those heads can be. The folks at Rhoost created their baby grooming kit with these details in mind and designed a complete set of basics including a comb, brush, washcloth, and nail clipper. Made with materials including natural bamboo and bristles and organic cotton, Rhoost’s baby grooming kit is a great baby shower gift or just the right thing to buy your own growing family. Those little curls won’t untangle themselves, but Rhoost’s carefully designed brush and comb will make it easier to keep hair healthy, and the bird-themed washcloth will keep little bathers amused. The kit is an essential for making bath and grooming time as natural and gentle as possible.

+ Natural Grooming Kit $29.99

+ Rhoost