Here at Inhabitots we’ve often discussed products you definitely DO NOT need for your baby, but this new ridiculous Baby Selfie app takes the cake when it comes to superfluous marketing of baby products. I’m not a fan of selfies in general, and I don’t really understand the allure or the hype even when teens and adults partake in this odd cultural phenomenon, but to involve babies and toddlers, neither of which should be sitting around with their little face stuck to a screen, in selfie activity, seems supremely stupid. The Baby Selfie app is an app with a playful twist, that much is true. The app offers a peek-a-boo game combined with a camera feature. While your baby watches colorful animals dance onto the screen the app will capture your baby’s reactions to the music and animals in an unexpected photo. Geez. Let’s just stop for a moment and remember that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that babies and tots under 2 years of age should have ZERO screen time and instead be exposed to development-building playtime and quality time with their parents. Beyond expert recommendations against screens by the AAP and other health organizations, research shows that screen time addiction is a very real phenomenon and there are a host of heath problems connected to excessive screen use. To each parent their own, and it’s not like I haven’t made screen mistakes with my own kiddo, but seriously, I recommend you skip apps like this. And while you’re at it, skip items like the iPad baby seat and iPotty. Screens aren’t necessary for babies. Want to entertain a young tot? Put down the cell phone and try these ideas instead: