The Carton Furniture Series, originally designed in 1965 by Japanese industrial designer Riki Watanabe, is an oldie but goodie. Reproduced by Tokyo’s Metropolitan Gallery, the Kid’s Set is made entirely out of folded cardboard. Although it ships flat, it’s easily assembled into a small table and a pair of stools using a system of tabs and notches—no adhesives or hardware required.

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The stools fit neatly underneath the table to form a compact cube, which makes storage a tidy affair if you’re squeezed for space. Carton Furniture Series Kid’s Set is strong enough to support adults who’d like to enjoy it with their children, and we love that you can recycle it when your tots outgrow it—or wreck it, whichever comes first.

+ Carton Furniture Series Kid’s Set ¥7,140

+ Metropolitan Gallery

Via Design Milk