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The shades, which come in bright, 80s-style, eye-popping color frames as well as more classic hues, are humorously named: the hot pink frames are dubbed “Kelly Kapowsky,” the bright blue are “Zach Morris,” the black go by “Bueller” (as in Ferris) and the coral are called “Ducktales.” And while the sunglasses are super sturdy, Baby offers a full damage replacement guarantee for the first year as well as a free lens replacement.

The Baby crew is also upfront about another health mission beyond protecting babies’ eyes. A portion of every sale is donated to the San Diego-based Autism Research Institute. Their interest in providing autism support even extends to the company’s name, which is a reference to favorite childhood game “rock, paper, scissors.” Apparently special education teachers and teachers specializing in providing services to children with autism name that game as a valuable and calming teaching tool that encourages personal interactions.

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