Petite Collage already offers some adorable wall growth charts for kids, but with designs like peaceful trees, tweeting birds and calm giraffes, their first growth charts, while adorable, may not fit every kid’s personality. Now, there’s a growth chart option for a more active, machine-inspired child – the cute Robot Growth Chart. This wall growth chart is made in the U.S.A. with adhesive fabric, not toxic vinyl and is lead and phthalate-free. It’s safe for any wall surface and can be removed, replaced, and reused however you like. Simply open the package, peel the fabric and stick it to your wall. The decals will not wrinkle or rip and can be cleaned quickly with a damp towel. The lively and bright robot colors are patterns reproduced from a sweet collection of vintage papers, and these robots will instantly brighten up any space. The set includes 2 robots, 2 heads, 2 bodies, 2 arms, and two legs.

+ Robot Growth Chart $60

+ Petite Collage