Designer Brian Marshall’s childhood was spent playing with building toys the likes of Legos and Lincoln Logs, but after being inspired by a unique lamp he saw in a movie, Marshall began using found items (clocks, cameras, cutlery, bells) to upcycle them into one of a kind robots. His personable creations have since multiplied and now comprise the world’s first robot orphanage. From robot dogs to fishy creatures and formidable robots to happy go lucky characters, out of the 60 robots currently in Marshall’s Etsy shop, there’s an Adoptabot that’s just right for every home.

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Marshall has bestowed a clever moniker unto each robot in his Adoptabot orphanage. Flex, seen above, is the true interpretation of a ‘moving picture.’ We like that each robot demonstrates recycling and upcycling in their very existence and that Marshall saw the value in using old goods to create thoughtful decor. Speaking on behalf of his now functional family Marshall offers, “Just because these parts were no longer desired for their original purpose, they refused to believe they should die a horrible death in a big smelting pot or a landfill. So with a little help from myself, these parts were coming together with new and unusual friends to fulfill their dreams of once again bringing joys to others.”

+ Adoptabot on Etsy $75-$350

via Haute Nature