Children seem to be filled with boundless amounts of energy (which can sometimes be a little tiring for us adults who have to look after them). Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn that natural effervescence into power for your home? That’s exactly what Rocco, one of our favorite entries into this year’s Greener Gadgets design competition, does. It’s a rocking horse that transforms the kinetic energy from your child’s play into electricity that lights up its ears. Then the ears can be removed to light up any room in your house!

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Rocco is a green toy made of 100% post consumer recycled plastic, and it comes in a bevy of fun colors. Plus, the clear rockers showcase the energy-harvesting mechanism, teaching kids about kinetic energy. When Rocco’s ears are charged up, they can serve as an LED flashlight or nightlight.

Check out Rocco and all of the other amazing entries in the Greener Gadgets Competition here and vote for your favorite! And if you’re going to be in NYC on February 25, don’t forget to register now for the Greener Gadgets Conference — we’ll see you there!

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