The countdown to the opening of the amazing science-themed miniature golf course at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) has begun! Officially opening on April 1, 2014, this delightful 9-hole course is a great way to get the whole family outdoors in the sunshine, while learning all kinds of fun scientific lessons. Designed for enjoyment by kids ages 6 and up, the Rocket Park Mini Golf demonstrates how the same laws of motion and gravity that guide the path of a spaceship control the motion of golf balls here on Earth.

NY Hall of Science Rocket Park Mini Golf

It’s spring break for many schools across the country. Mention some extra science lessons to your kids during this vacation, and you’re likely to be met with groans and eye rolls. Mention a trip to one of the coolest miniature golf courses in the nation, however, and chances are they’ll be in the car before you can say, “Fore!” Little do they know that the Rocket Park Mini Golf course at NYSCI delivers science lessons as well as the opportunity for a hole in one.

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The uniquely constructed golf course was built in the shadow of several decommissioned NASA rockets. As your family winds around the holes, players will learn “about gravity and the laws of motion by pitching and putting in the golf course,” writes Katie Honan for Each hole is an exploration of “propulsion, escape velocity and gravity — and it’s much more fun than science class,” she continues.

Did you speed through the golf course like a rocket? No worries. NYSCI also offers a science-themed playground that explores motion, balance and more through slides, sand pits and fog machines. “Time at the playground is limited to 45-minute sessions and also includes a water play area, wind pipes, a large climbing net and metal drums,” explains Honan.

The Rocket Park mini golf course is $5 for children and $6 for adults, and is open weekends from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. from April 1 until June. Admission to the playground is $4 per person, in addition to the NYSCI’s admission fee, which is $8 for children and $11 for adults.

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